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Mellennium group of companies represents a multifaceted scope within which there are generated the creative and architectural solutions with a view to an unobstructed implementation of business processes. This group of companies was founded as a result of the Mellennium Travel company’s dynamic development and due to its business expansion. As of today, it is 15 years of a proven experience in the service provision in such fields as the procurement of visas, labor migration, business travels, and MICE. The primary objective of the Mellennium group of companies is to serve the clients’ interests and to provide the superior services to the foreign and Russian companies within various areas of activity.
Our unique solutions become the must-have ones in their respective field.

Our mission

Mellennium group OF COMPANIES

From year to year, we render support to our clients in their attainment of excellence,
appreciating and meeting their demands in the best possible way!


the companies of various orientations are the members of the mellennium group of companies

Mellennium Travel
The Mellennium Travel company was founded in 2004. We render the visa and other migration-related assistance to the international and Russian companies. The level of our service being provided, has been proven by the numerous client testimonials
It is a standalone business segment in the framework of the “Mellennium Travel”, which has been dynamically developing since the year 2015. We arrange the business travels, and provide the various tourist-excursion services, being geared to the meeting of the world standards
Zefir Project
Our “Zefir PROject” creative and event agency came into the market in 2016. Creative menu of the “Zefir PROject” includes three sections, such as the MICE, event marketing, and digital. We operate in the format of a small creative boutique

customer feedback

The “Mellennium Travel” is a reliable partner in the solution to the multifarious visa- and migration-related issues. The company fulfills its undertaken obligations strictly and within the agreed timescale.
Renaissance Capital
We have been cooperating for over five years with the “Mellennium Travel” on the issues related to the legalizing of the foreign labor and expatriate workforce. The consummate professionals work at this company, who are capable to resolve the most complex issues.
Oliver Wyman
The company renders a wide range of the visa- and migration-related services to us. The professionals of the “Mellennium Travel” treat their work to the most extent flexibly and accurately.
We are always sure of a successful result with respect to any our request for the solution to any issues whether it be either the executing of invitations or the processing of visas, or the obtaining of work permits.
Particularly, we’d like to emphasize a capability of provision with an experienced assistant implant manager.
LG Electronic RUS (Moscow)
“Mellennium Travel” is a skillful and useful partner in the field of the visa- and other migration-related services. Among its distinctive features, we should mention excellent service quality, high qualifications of the personnel, and individual approach subject to our requests.
“Eli Lilly Vostok” Pharmaceutical Company
We confidently recommend to cooperate with the “Mellennium Travel” in order to achieve the best business performance. It provides its corporate clients with good and prompt service on a level with the highest standards.
“Mobile TeleSystems”
The “Mellennium Travel” managers are always about to meet our interests, and easily manage the non-routine situations arising in the course of work.
“Total Exploration & Production Russia”
The “Mellennium Travel” company’s employees are the skilled professionals in the field of the visa- and other migration-related services. They complete the set tasks promptly, flawlessly and efficiently.
It’s a pleasure to deal with such a partner that always fulfills its obligations within the time limits set.
Despite the particularly limited time which was allotted for the run-up to a conference, the “Mellennium E.M.S” company had managed to organize this event on a level with the highest standards, and with due account for all our desires.
We thank the team of the “Mellennium E.M.S” in whole; and particularly, we thank the case manager assigned for the dealing with the relevant order placed by us, who had considered all our desires which arose amid preparations for the ordered event, thereat demonstrating his complete involvement in our related project.
We have been cooperating with the “Mellennium E.M.S” company for many years. And we may confidently say that we always used to have got the demanded services such as the hotel and ticket reservations, promptly and in due time

our values

Our values are the 5 principles which we apply both in real life and at our job.
They help us to stay at our best and to comply with our mission in any situation

our history

we fill up the world with the masterworks, leaving the heritage of our effective and flexible solutions behind.

Foundation of the Mellennium Travel company

A round-the-clock hotline at telephone number
+7 (905) 770-30-90 for the company’s clients was opened for traffic

The company expanded the range of its services being rendered, via the opening of the  Event & MICE Department

Foundation of the  Mellennium E.M.S company

A specific project referred to as the  
Zefir PROject, was created

Foundation of the Mellennium Group of companies

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